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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (Adjustments)
This is the most common service that we provide. We use a diversified approach, incorporating many different techniques.We use manual adjusting, activator adjusting, Thompson (Drop piece), Cox, Flexion-Distraction and many others.

Digital x-rays are available in house when clinically indicated.

We have flexion-distraction tables, an intersegmental traction table, and cervical traction available.

Physical Therapeutics
There are many complementary therapeutics that can be used alongside the Chiropractic Adjustment. We have hot packs, ice packs, interferential therapy and ultrasound to name a few. We also incorporate stretching and strengthening into treatment plans when those are needed to reach full potential.

Kinesio Tape
The doctors at Bordertown have been using Kinesio Tape for more than 15 years to help overcome musculoskeletal problems including sprain-strain, tendonitis and muscle contusions. This is a great addition to your sport injury management.

Instrument Assisted Muscle Work
Another technique that helps to aid in the treatment of sprain-strains, muscle tightness and tendonitis. A metal or plastic instrument is moved over the area with as much pressure as the clinician deems appropriate and the patient finds comfortable. Some of the adhesions in the soft tissue or scar tissue is broken up.

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